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Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus'
Class Project 2000!
(This is where ol' CBK attempts to explain the basic makeup of a website to her Mass Media class!
Clap twice for luck!)
This is an example of HTML (HyperText Markup Language).  HTML is the basic language used to program the makeup of a website.  It is used to write text, place links, and

Graphics of any kind can be brought onto the web.  But most browsers can only handle graphics with the extensions of:
For example, GIF Versus JPEG!

When it comes to text, you can change its
color,font, alignment, style, and size.

Other languages, such as JavaScript and Shockwave can be used for more complex effects.

<---another graphic!  : P
These are links!
Links are (usually) in the form of underlined text, or a graphic.  One can click on a link to get to another page on a site, or to download a file.
Click here to see an example of JavaScript.
Click here to see an example of Shockwave FLASH!


What's this?!  You wanna know about these snazzy little dividing lines?  You can use a transparent GIF to make a custom divider.      Por ejemplo: