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Feanyx's Complete Mix Show!
Look at me, I'm waving!

The Complete Mix Show?

    Hey, it's still me, Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus!  But when I'm on the air, I'm called Feanyx.  Why did I take the name of one of my most beloved creations?
Well, the main reason is because "Feanyx" is a phoenix.  A phoenix is a legendary bird of fire, often used as a symbol of rebirth or rejuvination.
I wanted to bring back the cool songs that I used to jam to in my younger days, that have been long since forgotten.

Us old-schoolers can remember the early days of hip-hop, before it became a tool of glorifying drugs and violence.  Y'all remember busting open a refrigerator box and tossing it on the sidewalk, driveway or lawn?  Yep.  And then *trying* to breakdance to The Fat Boys, "Wipeout".. *SIGH*  Ahh, the memories!
Yeah, then there were the days at the ol' skating rink, skating ot "Wishing Well" by Tarence Trent D'Arby, "Dial My Heart" by The Boys, or even "Candy Girl" by New Edition!  Ooh, ooh, ooh, and don't let me get started on the jukebox tunes!  <singing>  "Ooooohhhhhhh, I wanna dance with somebody...with somebody who loves meee!!"  <bobs her head>

Okay.  That's enough.


But not-so-oldies aren't the only thing I play.  (Then I couldn't call it the "Complete Mix Show!")  I've also used this opportunity to spread the sounds of the world, around the world. I've been acquiring a decent selection of J-Pop (remember, I'm an Otaku!), but thanks to serendipity, I've found some good Hawaiian stuff, too!  (thank you, Victor and Joe, for introducing me!)  I'm gonna try to find the greatest stuff I can find from as many cultures as I can!  If you'd like to suggest some titles for me to look for, just email me.   Music is the universal language, and we shouldn't let geography prevent us from sharing with each other!  Americans, we need to open our eyes, and experience other cultures.  Stop acting so concieted, and open your minds to something new for a change!
Also, besides World, I play R&B, techno, jazz, old-school hip-hop/funk, alternative, pop, and pretty much anything else that's guaranteed to sound good.

Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!!!

The one part of my show that is guaranteed to air every week (around 9:30PM est) is the Baka Awards!  Every night, I dedicate the Baka Song to peple who have proven themselves to be complete idiots for one reason or another.  It's just one of those things ya' can't miss!  (BTW, if you didn't know, "baka" means "idiot" in Japanese. . )


Well, Feanyx's Complete Mix Show normally broadcasts Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM EST.  to 10:30 PM EST. on WVSC 106.7 FM.
But, it is also broadcast over Shoutcast on the Web!
To hear the live feed, you must have WINAMP, which is a free program.  Then, all you have to do is click HERE to start listening!  (if there are no technical difficulties ^_^; ; ;)

If you'd like to make requests while I'm on the air, you can contact me via ICQ (#20193772), or on the station's request line at (304)766-4170.  This is not a toll-free number.  So if it's long distance, and you're under 18, get your parents' permission!  I, nor WVSC, will be responsible for any charges on your phone.
Talk to me (or send requests!) in my ICQ CHATROOM by clicking below:


If you're not lucky enough to listen to the live broadcast, the next best thing is my archive at!  This is where I upload recordings of my past shows.  I also add some extra songs as interludes between shows.  Click HERE to hear my broadcast archive on!  You'll need Winamp or Real Audio to listen.

About Feanyx, the Phoenix. . .
Heh heh, I'm a phoenix.<--------Feanyx!!
Feanyx is an original creation of mine.  Back when I was at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh taking an animation course, I was told to create a character to animate for class projects, lessons, whatever.  I have trouble drawing beaks and snouts, so I figured that a doing a bird character would force me to learn.  I guess I got pretty decent. . .  Why a phoenix?  Well, in the animation class I had taken before, I was told to create a child-friendly character for a Sesame Street-type of animation.  (To teach kids a letter or number)  I decided to parodize Barney, and came up with a smart-alec, pyromanic, fat, purple dragon named Phydeaux.  I just figured that a phoenix would go great with a dragon.  Heh heh.  Phonetics are cool. . .

Well, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at !

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