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Transportation Of The Future, And How It Will Affect Our Global Ecology In The Future

I.  Today's Transportation
    A.  Depletion of Natural Resources
            1.  Petroleum Is Evil!
Especially now, in these new days after 9 11 it is tempting to tap in on new resources,
rather than depend on Middle Eastern nations as a main source of energy.
            2.  Possible Source
We have a huge oil deposit in Alaska, but it is all in a highly protected natural habitat.  One
mistake, and a virgin landscape will be forever tarnished.  Many species will perish.
    B.  Pollution
II. Solutions Through New Technology
    A.  Natural Gas, Electric, and Hybrid Cars
          1. Pro
Less or no dependance on petroleum.  Say good bye to most smog and environmental
disasters caused by careless transportation.
          2.  Possible Con
Say hello to unhappy former oil vendors.
Also, one source claims that there will be an overabundance of lead leaked from all the batteries
in the new electric cars.
    B.  Magnetic Trains
Important source of transportation in Japan
    C.  Electric Bikes
Bikes are widely used anyway, in many countries.
Some Cities in California are really pushing the ELECTRIC bikes.
In Santa Cruz, you can even get a $500 rebate on an electic bike purchase.
    D. Other?
All I have discussed have their pros and cons....I just hope we can choose the right solutions based on those pros and cons.