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Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus's

Feeble Attempt at Explaining JAVA!

There's so many things you can do with JavaScript!

You may notice the funky tune playing in the background.
In fact, right here is the spot where I'll show you where it's hidden!

But watch what happens when I hit the RELOAD button at the top of the browser....
Ta daaaa!!  The music (should've) changed.  That is the result of a randomizing code.  You can use other versions of that code for pictures, too!
That's an easy way to save your page from monotony if you don't feel like programming it every day.

In a second, I show you how to get a tripped out cursor!  That's another example of the power of JAVA!  There's really not a lot of limitations when it comes to this language.
There's only one problem.  It's a royal pain in the @$$ to program!
Butt ...I mean...uh...But, the good news is, that my fellow computer geeks tell me that like HTML, JAVA  gets easier to understand as you go along!

AND, for the low, low price of just ¥500,000, you too can learn my secrets!
No, not really, but I could use the YEN right now...

Enjoy the rest of class, folks!