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The Show
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The not-so-oldies aren't the only thing I play. (Then I couldn't call it the "Complete Mix Show!") I've also used this opportunity to spread the sounds of the world, around the world. I've been acquiring a decent selection of J-Pop (remember, I'm an Otaku!), but thanks to serendipity, I've found some good Hawaiian stuff, too! (thank you, Victor and Joe, for introducing me!) I'm gonna try to find the greatest stuff I can find from as many cultures as I can! If you'd like to suggest some titles for me to look for, just email me. Music is the universal language, and we shouldn't let geography prevent us from sharing with each other! Americans, we need to open our eyes, and experience other cultures. Stop acting so conceited, and open your minds to something new for a change!
Also, besides World, I play R&B, techno, jazz, old-school hip-hop/funk, alternative, pop, and pretty much anything else that's guaranteed to sound good.

Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!!!

The one part of my show that is guaranteed to air every week (around 9:30PM est) is the Baka Awards! Every night, I dedicate the Baka Song to peple who have proven themselves to be complete idiots for one reason or another. It's just one of those things ya' can't miss! (BTW, if you didn't know, "baka" means "idiot" in Japanese. . )


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