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My tribute to S2F2 @   !
 Under Construction!

Just look at these indigo/blue/khaki/pink/yellow/green/cyan/maroon/etc. angels!
Photo donated by Mike! (top left, with the most colorful shirt)

Hello, Food Fair Labor!  This  page is severly under construction.  You folks need to send me some Pics from The Land to put here!  I only have one cast picture.  Please, please, please send photos to me at  .    If you wanna donate some appropriate wallpaper, send it there too.  If you just wanna shoot the breeze, my regular address is
Miss you!
(aka C.B.K.)
P.S.  How'd you like the musical selection?!  :P

<-------The Land Pavillion @ EPCOT (Every Person Comes Out Tired)Center.
*You know you guys miss this place!*

During my research, I found that lots of people are fans (believe it or not) of Sunshine Season Food Fair and/or The Land.  Here are some links that I found.
LINKS:  --  Did anyone notice these Hidden Mickeys before?  -- This lady likes The Land. -- another tribute to The Land -- you just have to see this girl's face (>:P) after Eating @ SSFF!  -- a lot of things have changed...